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Minimal & functional design

When it comes to design, less is often more. Minimalistic functional design is a powerful approach that focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and usability. By stripping away unnecessary elements and focusing on the essentials, this design philosophy creates products that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and principles of minimalistic functional design.

Beautiful & Robust

A beautifully designed and hand-crafted piece of furniture, the Brass Rail Shelf offers a unique blend of functionality and style.

Once upon a time...

Ryan Taylor, the founder of object/interface, has been making waves in the design industry since 2013. With the release of his award-winning Babylon Light, Taylor showcased his exceptional talent and passion for creating innovative furniture and lighting pieces. As a trained multidisciplinary artist, he brings a unique perspective to his work, drawing from his extensive background in graphic and interactive design, photography, and sculpture.

The Original Hanging Garden — Celebrating 10 years of the Babylon Light

It seemed appropriate to write this first post about the Babylon Light, our first product — introduced 10 years ago in 2013 at Toronto's Interior Design Show, in the Prototype Exhibition and a few months later began shipping worldwide. Now ten years later, you may look up and see one growing above your head somewhere in over 33 countries!


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