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Product Questions

Do the lights work in [my country]?


Will the lights work with the voltage in [my country]?


Where can I buy your products?

On our website or any of the stores listed on our retailer page.

Will I get electrocuted watering/spritzing plants in a light?

No. The electrical components are sealed off from where you put the water. 

Is it safe to water plants in a light fixture?

Yes it is safe. The electrical components are sealed off from where you put the water.

I have really high ceilings, can you provide longer cords for your lighting?

Yes, please contact us with measurements for pricing and estimated delivery. 

Do your lights include a ceiling canopy/rose?


What is the warranty?

We offer a two year warranty on all Object/Interface products. Object/Interface warrants that under normal use and in accordance with the user/installation instructions and taking into account the product specifications the goods shall at the time of delivery to Buyer and for a period of 24 (twenty four) months from the date of delivery, be free from defects in material or workmanship and shall conform to the product specifications.

Babylon Light

What type of plants work best in the Babylon Light?

From our experience we have found that succulents are a great choice, some ground cover type plants such as 'baby tears' work well and can cascade over the edges. For low maintenance, use 'air plants'. However, some experimentation may be required and you should also take into consideration the amount of natural light and room temperature.  

How big is the Babylon Light?

15" (30cm) in diameter and 8" tall.

How much weight can the Babylon & Well Light hold?

The lights are designed to be installed from a junction box (j-box) in the ceiling. J-Boxes are rated for up to 50 lbs. If installing elsewhere make sure to use an appropriate anchor for securing the fixture.

How much will the Babylon / Well Light weigh with plants?

On average a planted fixture will weigh 10-15 lbs. 

Are the plants included?


Does the fixture get hot and does it effect the plants?

This depends on the bulb you choose to use. An incandescent bulb on full will give off more heat then an LED bulb. The aluminum can get warm but not hot. This may cause the soil to dry out slightly faster then normal and may require more frequent waterings, but will not damage the roots or foilage.

What type of plants can I use in the lights?

Succulents tend to work best in the Babylon Light due to its shallow basin while herbs and larger plants work best in the Well Lights. In either case using plants that have the same water requirements makes it easier to maintain. Here is a helpful comment from a customer via our social media re. the Babylon Light: We've had plants growing in ours for 3 years. Succulents that have grown and have been replaced by smaller ones! Really depends on the amount of natural light and your choice of succulents. For really low maintenance you can use Air Plants which require very little water and some of our customers have used the fixtures to create terrarium style landscapes.

What about artificial plants?

We recommend artificial plants in commercial settings where real plants may get neglected. We recommend the more realistic looking ‘silk plants’ or ‘preserved plants’. You can use the following steps to make your own arrangements:
1. line the plantable area of the fixture with tin foil.
2. apply small amount of expanding foam to tin foil.
3. create the arrangement by sticking the plants into the foam, using moss etc. to cover any remaining foam.
4. cut a small slot in the foam (for the cord/cable to slide through) so that it is removable after the fixture is installed (optional).

Brass Rail Shelf

Can you make the Brass Rail Shelving in a different wood?

Yes. Please contact us for pricing.

Can we customize the height of the Brass Rail Shelving?

Yes. We can make the shelving up to 12' tall. Please contact us for pricing.

How do I clean and care for the Brass Rail Shelf?

You may wish to use gloves during the installation to help reduce any accelerated oxidization caused by human oils.

Wood Care:
The shelves are made of solid wood (Sapele) and have been sprayed with a low sheen polyacryl lacquer.
To clean: gently wipe using a soft damp cloth. You may use a mild soap for more intense dirt/grime.

Do not use anything abrasive on the wood - this will scratch the finish.
Do not rub the wood vigorously as this will transform the satin finish into a high gloss polish.

Note: Unlike most woods that fade, Sapele gets darker and richer with exposure to light. Lighter patches may become noticeable where an item has been sitting covering the surface for a long period of time. You can move items around to help keep the surface colour balanced until it all eventually equalizes.

Brass Care:
The brass components are solid brass and do not have a seal, lacquer or clear coat. The brass will patina with age and from contact with human oils.

To clean: use hot, soapy water and a soft clean cloth. Wipe down the surfaces with the cloth. Use a toothbrush to scrub in crevices. Rinse the item with clean, warm water and dry thoroughly.

To retain the brushed finish you can rub with a Scotch-Brite scour pad.
You may also use a metal polish to easily clean harder tarnish and retain the bright colour using Cape Cod Polish.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship everywhere that UPS, DHL and Purolator operate.

Why did the courier charge me a fee at delivery?

Our products ship from Canada. As such, International shipments may require the purchaser to pay landed fee's (Duties, VAT and/or Customs Broker Charge). For more information please contact the courier or your local government customs agency.

How long does shipping take?

North American orders usually ship with either UPS or Purolator and normally take 5-7 days for delivery. International orders usually ship with UPS or DHL and normally take 3-9 days for delivery. Pending available stock, expect an additional 1 to 2 business days* to process an order.

*At certain times of the year, due to holidays, some orders may take up to 10 business days to process.


Do you have Hi-Res images that we could use?

Yes. please send press requests to

Trade Sales

I am an interior designer, architect, builder, contractor, supplier, etc and would like to spec your products for a project — do you offer trade pricing?
What are your lead times?

We do our best to have small quantities of stock at our warehouse at all times while the stocking level is regularly monitored to take into account recent demand. Large quantities and custom orders may require up to 12 weeks for delivery. Stock is not held for quotations. Brass Rail Shelving is not a stocked item. All Brass Rail Shelving orders are made to order and require up to 12 weeks for delivery.

Can you do a custom size Babylon Light?

Yes/No. This product is not easily scalable due to the design as well as the tooling costs. However, if you think your project has the required budget, please contact us.

Are the fixtures UL Listed?

No, but the Babylon Light is CSA approved. Our other fixtures can be CSA approved on request for a fee.

The CSA approval is the same as UL. CSA is another brand-name that is accepted within the USA.

You do not necessarily require UL approval. UL previously held a monoply in the industry and for this reason is simply the most widely known brand-name. There are now many different brand-name approval certifications that are acceptable for use.


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