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Swag Kit

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Hardware for hanging a pendant light directly from the ceiling when the junction box is not located directly where desired.

Our pendant fixtures are designed to hang from a junction box, but sometimes it is not located where you want the fixture to hang.

Use this hardware to hang the fixture exactly where you want it, then run the electrical cord and connect it at the electrical source.

This kit includes the following:

1 x Cable gripper adjustable hanging hardware (Brass or Nickel finish)
1 x Mini canopy (2” diameter, white finish)
1 x Toggle bolt anchor (for mounting to drywall ceilings)
1 x Solid brass electrical cord clamp (white finish)

* The hanging cable shown in the photo is NOT included in this kit. It is shown for illustrative purposes. The cable comes with the purchase of a compatible light fixture.

This kit is compatible with the following products:

- Babylon Light
- Hemisphere Pendant Planter
- Well Planter Light

Additional Notes:

Our light fixtures come with 72” (182cm) of electrical cord. If you require more length to reach your power source please contact us.

If mounting to material other then drywall, you will need to source the following from your local hardware store:
• Wood Ceilings: replace the toggle bolt with a #8 1.5” wood screw
• Concrete Ceilings: replace the toggle bolt with a lead masonry anchor and appropriate matching screw


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